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About WawaShop

Good checkout design doesn't date!

Just at your fingers! Tap on your device screen to add a product/article to the customer cart. The CheckOut command is amazing. Management has been lightened. You can sell using third-party devices like barcode readers and other tools. Just for your information, in case you have no way to buy a barcode reader, there's one integrated in your app.

Sales are grouped according to the months of the fiscal year. This way of doing things allows you to focus on the sales of the month but with the possibility of selecting a specific month. This command provides access to the following functions:


You can group your products according to a classification called collection. The collections allow a quick sale according to the chosen selection.


Product management is made easier by the integrated tools. Products are added according stock needs and are linked to a specific supplier. Once this information has been entered, it is possible to derive sales statistics by product or according to decision-making needs.

WawaShop contains all the tools to manage your sales activity online or through the store. These tools are necessary because they allow the configuration of the elements necessary for the proper functioning of the sale and the accounting and tax considerations.

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Pricing Packages


$ 6/month
  • 15 tickets
  • 5 users
  • 1 store


$ 10/month
  • 100 tickets
  • 15 users
  • 5 stores


$ 15/month
  • ++ tickets
  • ++ users
  • ++ stores

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Terms of Use

The following points cover proper use of WawaShop® and answer questions you may have. The License Agreement grants you permission to use WawaShop under certain circumstances. You must comply with these conditions under copyright law. By installing this app you indicate your acceptance of the terms of use and license agreement.

Your use WawaShop®

1. What consitutes proper use? WawaShop has been designed to allow shops, supermarkets or any sales business to handle properly and quickly the Sales business. Hence, you may not post any portion of this software on the Internet or on any other electronic network or use the code and images commercially or in exchange for money - even if no profit is involved. Modification of the WawaShop app is not permitted.

2. May I write software or another app that uses the program or data from WawaShop? Yes. The WawaShop app provides to its users an API (Application Programming Interface) that they can access using third-party softwares or programs to download or to upload data from or to WawaShop servers. The WawaShop team can even help you to achieve this goal by providing advices and technical skills. Hence they will use this API to exchange data between WawaShop and other sales business application.

Privacy Policy

WiseObjects Ltd collects information on how you use this application so that we can improve our software and deliver a better experience. To do this, we use unique device identifiers to identify your computer or mobile device. This application also logs information such as your operating system and IP address.

This application does not collect any personal information.

WiseObjects Ltd does not allow advertising companies to collect data through our service for ad targetting. We do not share data collected by this application with other organizations for any purpose. WE DO NOT COLLECT ANY SENSITIVE DATA.

This privacy policy was last updated on 10/30/2020. Our privacy may change from time to time. If we make any material changes to our policies, we will place a prominent notice within the application.

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